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First, I would like to share my point of view on photography, both, as a trade and as an art. In my opinion, whenever it is possible, a photograph should be completed in the mind of a photographer before beginning the actual shooting. One should know what it is he wants to do and what has to be done in order to achieve that. Only then it is the time to go to work. Studiously, but with much passion. The time one spends shooting has to be as long as it takes. It would be very good if after the shooting the work on a photograph is completed.

Personally, I take most pride in photographs I did not manipulate in any way; neither by cropping, or anything else. Although I work on digital photography systems, there is no greater pleasure then to take a photo into my computer, inspect it and say - That's it. That is why I am pointing out that all the photographs you can see here except for the gallery named "Deviations" were only resized to be appropriate for web. You see my photos here and now as I saw them when and where I was shooting them - they all are AS SHOT.


So much. I hope you will enjoy...

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